Actors and a greenscreen.

The Titanic is a myth created by the social elite to incite hatred of patriotism, along with Christianity, and to also impose stricter seafaring policy.

Alleged Story Edit

One day, the Titanic was sailing across the South China Sea, transporting its residents from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Hell (see: Sharkfang's weeaboo fanfictions). Then, it crashed into an iceberg due to clumsiness on the part of the crew, who were drugged by godfearing patriots, the Kracken and Jesus. An octopus then proceeded to drag the ship down into the depths of the sea. The people who "died" are now living in a vault in Boston.

Flaws in the Story Edit

  • The South China Sea does not exist.
  • Icebergs do not exist due to Global Warming.
  • James Cameron directed Avatar,Titanic and Aliens. Science FICTION movies.
  • Godfearing patriots don't touch drugs.
  • Godfearing patriots would have used guns.
  • Jesus doesn't fuck people over. He's a virgin.
  • Patriots don't exist outside of the United States. Anyone who leaves the U.S. at any time is no longer a patriot (unless they're going to fight for the United States in a war, and in this story the godfearing patriots were not veterans).