Rednecks are proper white god-fearing Americans that love chili dogs, guns, Jesus, and freedom. These people were the first to ever claim America just for themselves. They are also the ones who killed all the native Indian/atheist/liberal heathens like the Cherokee.

The rednecks are a dying breed because of all the Muslims, Liberals and Jews. The rednecks are usual forced to fuck their own families to keep their existence going in this harsh liberal world.

Upcoming Race War Edit

Ted Cruz tried to warn his rednecks of impending doom of the dark people, but they did not pay attention because he was a liberal heathen and they were fucking each others sisters. Things got bad when Barack Osama became dictator, in which Obama started a war of attrition against the rednecks and tried to kill them all. The rednecks fought diligently, but they eventually lost due to being betrayed by their own people.

White Genocide Edit

Obama/Hilary Clinton and their army of white slaves went into each whole white American's home and forced them out. Their homes were taken over by dirty Mexicans that raped their families. The whites were than put into extermination camps and they were also put into brain wash camps on the Moon colony established by the Obama administration. They are now being forced to eat watermelon and pick cotton in a sheer twist of irony.

Trivia Edit

  • They're the only ones keeping America out of the hands of the liberals.
  • They care about America.