Homosexuality is satanic. It can appear in humans if they're bitten by the Deer Tick, or if they are touched on the penis by Allah. Yes, even the females are touched on the penis by him.

Symptoms Edit

This lifestyle can cause many disadvantages in oneself, such as...

  • Severe Migraines.
  • Being an abomination in God's eyes. I don't hate you, you're just an abomination.
  • Owning lots of cats.
  • Subscribing to The Amazing Atheist.
  • Being associated with Sharkfang in any way.

Militant Homosexuality Edit

Gay acceptance

This extremist then went on to burn down several churches.

Militant Homosexuality is a form of a homosexuality where one convinces themselves that it's actually ok to be attracted to the same sex, and then proceeds to join a movement perpetuating this falsehood by use of lethal force and bribery of governments.